Cartref Homes

Cartref Homes UK Ltd provides services designed to enable young people and adults with intellectual/learning disabilities to progress towards positive, valued life-styles.

We have created a range of residential and supported living services that provide service users with opportunities to become more independent and engaged within their local community.

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Cartref House

Cartref House

An Introduction

Cartref House was the first of our homes to open back in 1997.

This 6-bedded home provides a town-centre location that promotes service user inclusion in the full range of daily living activities.

The home promotes an activity-led approach which emphasizes the importance of acquiring domestic and community living skills as well as seeking out meaningful occupation – whether that be educational or vocational.


Cartref House is a spacious house situated close to all the amenities of a busy town surrounded by the best of rural Kent.

To ensure high levels of staff support a maximum of only 6 service users can be accommodated – each with their own single room. The home has been furnished and equipped to a high specification and benefits from a large conservatory and secluded garden. Service users can also make use of the vocational and educational resources of our Resource Centre in the adjoining grounds.


The registered manager of the home, Collette Thornton, leads a team of skilled and experienced staff all of whom benefit from our commitment to continuing staff training and development. Over a number of years Collette and the team have developed a growing expertise with service users with a diagnosis of autistic spectrum disorder.  They have had notable successes with augmentative communication approaches including symbol boards and task planners and communication passports.  Furthermore the team also have extensive experience of working with people with multiple diagnoses including mental health difficulties and personality disorder.

The staff team are assisted through the positive links that have been developed with local support services including Community Learning.  Disability Teams and our sub-contracted clinical physchology provision (Sinclair & Strong).

CQC Cartref House inspection reportCartref House Inspection Report

Bridge House

Bridge House

An Introduction

Bridge House was opened in 2002. This 5-bedded home provides spacious but homely accommodation with easy access to the local town of Sittingbourne.


Bridge House is situated in a village environment on the outskirts of the busy market town of Sittingbourne.

Sited amongst the rural pleasures of Kent, Bridge House is nonetheless only a little over an hour away from both the attractions of London and the sandy beaches of the North Kent Coast.

Bridge House has been furnished and equipped to a high standard, creating quality accommodation with single rooms for up to 5 service users.

This spacious home benefits from 3 reception rooms including a study with internet access and a separate games room.


The staff team, led by registered manager Stuart Byrne, is carefully selected and coached to provide support that maximises the service users’ potential to live more independently. The team has had notable success in moving service users on to accommodation of their own as well as providing the robust support needed by service users stepping down from more restrictive residential environments. The work of the team has been aided by the positive links established with a wide range of health and social care professionals – including our sub-contracted clinical psychology provision. (See Sinclair & Strong).

CQC Bridge House inspection report :CQC Bridge House inspection report

Ulcomb House

Ulcomb House

An Introduction

Ulcomb House was the second of our homes to open and quickly added to the reputation developed by Cartref Homes for creating real change in the lives of its service users.

With only 5 bedrooms and high levels of staff support Ulcomb House is able to deliver intensive skills teaching to service users with significant care and support needs.


Ulcomb House is situated close to all the amenities of Sittingbourne – a bustling town surrounded by the delights of rural Kent, yet only an hour from the attractions of London and the sandy beaches of the North Kent Coast.

The house is furnished and equipped to a high specification with all service users enjoying single rooms.

The spacious accommodation provides a homely environment which is conducive to both skills teaching and comfortable living. The home also benefits from a large conservatory and secluded garden.

Furthermore, service users can take advantage of the vocational and educational resources of the Resource Centre attached to the company’s head office in the adjoining grounds.


The registered manager of the home Neil Finlayson, leads a team with a rich mixture of skills and experiences.  Through time the Ulcomb team has shown itself especially skilled in working through transitions for younger service users arriving from educational settings – helping them to settle successfully into community-based adult services.

As with the other parts of Cartref Homes, the staff of Ulcomb House benefit from the positive links and networking achieved with local support services such as Community Learning, Disability Teams and our sub-contracted Clinical Psychology provision. (See Sinclair & Strong).

CQC Ulcomb House inspection report : CQC Ulcomb House inspection report

Whiteleaf Cottage

Whiteleaf Cottage – Reintegration Service

An Introduction

The development of Whiteleaf Cottage is designed to meet the needs of service users who are ready for discharge from secure accommodation back into community settings.

Whiteleaf Cottage will provide such individuals with the robust support they require to make this difficult transition. Our experience of working with service users with a forensic history will be complemented by the provision of dedicated clinical support services, high levels of staffing and a commitment to carefully considered and structured person-centred support plans. This will enable service users to safely take advantage of the opportunities that community living presents.


Whiteleaf Cottage is a largely newly-built single storey home in Teynham within easy access of all the amenities of the bustling market town of Sittingbourne. Despite its generous size the property is designed for a maximum of only 5 service users with each benefitting from a double-size en-suite bedroom. The home boasts an extremely spacious lounge, separate study and games areas and a modern kitchen-diner. The property is located in a lovely rural setting with substantial lawned gardens.  There are also facilities for therapeutic and administration functions.

Person-centred care plans seek to deliver structured yet sensitive guidance to service users as they are encouraged to exercise increasing control of their lives.

Furthermore the service users can benefit from use of our sheltered employment opportunities and the extensive links the team have established with local organisations.


The registered manager of the home, Chris Brennan – an experienced learning disabilities nurse, leads a team carefully recruited and coached to support the particular needs of service users being re-integrated into community settings.  High levels of staffing make possible intensive skills teaching and the supervision of a full programme of community-based activity.

In addition, the service has dedicated clinical psychiatry and psychology input which provides the home with RC cover for those service users subject to the provisions of the Mental Health Act, and facilitates expert, regular medical review, staff coaching and 1:1 and group therapy work.

QCQ Whiteleaf Cottage inspection report: QCQ Whiteleaf Cottage inspection report

Supported Living

Supported Living


The Cartref Homes Supported Living Scheme represents the final ‘piece of the jigsaw’ in our service provision for those service users progressing towards more independent living.

The Supported Living Scheme aims to support adults with intellectual / learning disabilities to live in ordinary accommodation of their own by providing them individualised packages of support.  Our support is available to service users living alone, with their families or as individual tenants living in multiple-occupancy houses.

Outreach Services

Our outreach support services are available to those individuals who have obtained tenancies with landlords or housing associations or to those still living in the family home. These services are available in a number of localities through Kent.

Multiple-Occupancy Houses

The multiple-occupancy houses are owned by BRT Property services – landlords who have a strong commitment to the accommodation needs of people with special needs and with whom Cartref Homes have a positive and sensitive relationship. Tenants obtain an assured short-hold tenancy with the landlords. The tenancy is wholly independent of the support provided by Cartref Homes, thereby ensuring a healthy separation between accommodation and care.

The houses are fully furnished and offer tenancies for up to 3 residents. These tenancies give opportunity for a more intensive support and emergency cover than would be found in Outreach Services due to a greater staff presence.

Each house has a dedicated staff room with office and sleep-in facilities to enable 24 hour cover and emergency support where the tenant’s support plan identifies such needs.

These tenancies often prove the ideal ‘staging post’ for service users to fine-tune their skills and competence before taking on a solo tenancy in ordinary rented accommodation.


The registered service manager – Richard Hollywell – leads a team that is carefully selected for its ability to meet the needs of service users living in their own accommodation.  As with all parts of Cartref Homes’ services, particular effort has been expended in developing positive working relations with the wide range of professionals associated with the support of our service users. The Supported Living Scheme also benefits from access to the company’s sub-contracted clinical psychology support. (See Sinclair & Strong).

Person-Centred Planning

Each service user benefits from a Tenant’s Individual Support Plan (TISP), which enables them to acquire competence in the following aspects of independent living:

  • Help in setting up and maintaining home or tenancy
  • Developing domestic / life skills
  • Developing social skills / behaviour management
  • Advice, advocacy and liaison
  • Help in managing finances and benefit claims
  • Emotional support, counselling and advice
  • Help in gaining access to other services
  • Help in establishing social contacts and activities
  • Help in establishing personal safety and security
  • Supervision and monitoring of health and well-being
  • Supervising or monitoring medication, peer support and befriending
  • Help finding other accommodation
  • Help maintaining the safety and security of the dwelling
  • Support in keeping own room clean
  • Risk assessment
  • Advice and support on minor repair work / improvements
  • Accessing maintenance services
  • Help with shopping and errand running
  • Access to local community organisations
  • Security support related to racial harassment
  • Culture specific counselling / emotional support

How Support is Delivered

The Tenant’s Individual Support Plan (TISP), overseen by a key-worker and incorporating the views of the service user and members of their support network, identifies the service user’s strengths and needs. Based on this assessment the service user receives a timetable / schedule of input that is designed to strike a balance between their need for support and care and their right to independently make life-style choices. The TISP is subjected to regular review to ensure that support remains relevant to the service user.

CQC Supported Living inspection report : CQC Supported Living inspection report

Sheltered Employment

Sheltered Employment

Cartref Homes believe that positive, valued life-styles are best achieved by having meaningful activity to engage in.  Whilst for many people this is provided by work, we know that people with intellectual/learning disabilities are often disadvantaged in their attempts to seek employment.

Our sheltered employment scheme creates the opportunity for service users to experience work and its demands; to develop vocational skills and to benefit from being part of work-focused teams.

We offer opportunities for service users to obtain employment in a number of in-house roles (eg: cleaning, office work, grounds and building maintenance, vehicle checking and cleaning, and contributing to the company magazine) and will design opportunities to meet specific individual needs and preferences.

When service users are suitably skilled and prepared we then assist them to seek work opportunities beyond our sheltered scheme and have successfully placed a number of individuals in a variety of community-based positions.