Sheltered Employment Scheme – Christmas Do!

We had a nice Christmas meal for the sheltered employment schemes employees on Friday the 16th December at the Billet in Sittingbourne.

There was lots of lovely different varieties of Christmas jumpers and everyone got into the Christmas spirit. There was lots of cheesy jokes and party hats.

Everyone had a great appetite and the food was that of a festive spirit with the majority going for the more traditional turkey dinner and Christmas pudd.

We all got to chat with each other and discuss our roles within the Scheme and where we would like to be working next year or individual goals for next year.

.Jack made a toast to all of the employees and to Judy thanking everyone for working as a team where possible.

It was announced there was a staff meeting on the 13th January 2017 and everyone would be asked to put something forward to the staff meeting agenda.

Everyone left full up and content and it was nice for everyone to meet up and socialize and talk about work, hobbies and family.

Thank you all for coming and making it possible to have a staff Christmas meal.

Judy – Christmas Meal1 Christmas Meal2 Christmas Meal4 Christmas Meal5 Christmas Meal6Sheltered Employment Co-ordinator

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