Supported Living Services

Supported Living Scheme

A brief overview
The Cartref homes supported living service is the final “piece of the puzzle” for our service users to progress into independent living.

The scheme aims to support adults with learning disabilities to live as independently as possible. Our staff provide individuals with an array of personalized support packages, whether this is where they live alone, with family or one of our multi-occupancy houses.

While working with our residents, we develop person centered care plans, they are carefully thought out personalized files which contain various documents to enable staff to support the tenants. They may include guidelines for supporting them with various tasks. This helps our staff to support the tenants to the best of their ability.

Multi-occupancy houses
Our multi-occupancy houses are owned by Places For People, a well-established company with over 50 years’ experience, who support those to find houses suitable to meet all needs. Our service users hold their own short-hold tenancies and are responsible for everything surrounding this, including rent, bills etc., our staff team are able to support them with this.

These multi-occupancy houses will commonly hold 2 to 5 residents. Each house has a dedicated staff room and office, as well as sleep-in facilities, to enable 24-hour cover including emergency support where necessary.

These tenancies often provide residents the opportunity to fine-tune their independent living skills and knowledge before moving onto outreach service or independent living.

Outreach services
We also provide outreach services; this is where our staff support those who live alone, who live in their homes, they have obtained through either private landlords or housing associations. Or to those who still live in their family homes. This support and hours will vary depending on the needs of the individual.

Our staff
The Registered Manager – Lorraine Frankham- has led the way for almost 4 years and has selected a knowledgeable and well-trained team of support workers, whom support the tenants with all and any day to day tasks, such as domestic cleaning, money keeping and cooking etc.


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