Cartref Homes UK Ltd

Based in the borough of Swale along the North Kent Coast.Whiteleaf Living Room

The company opened its first registered home in 1997 and now operates 4 care homes and a supported living scheme that provides both multiple occupancy housing and out-reach support.

From the outset the driving principles behind each of the company’s undertakings have been to respect service users’ rights to development, independence, choice and inclusion.

We believe such principles are best delivered by services that are locally run, staffed and managed; and on a scale that can promote immediate, sensitive responses by teams that are closely familiarised with the individual needs of service users.

Cartref Homes UK Ltd therefore aspires to remain a company that provides well-resourced, clinically excellent, responsive services yet retains a sense of intimacy in its service delivery by recognising the value of nurturing close working relations with service users.

The Senior Directors – Robert and Brenda Tyler – have over 40 years’ experience of providing services to young people with special needs through Cartref Homes and, before that, as foster carers.

The Managing Director – Tony Vallis – is a qualified Social Worker and Registered Nurse (Learning Disabilities) with 30-plus year’s involvement in local Learning Disabilities services.  Tony has primary responsibility for business and policy development and also takes an active involvement in the company’s quality assurance and staff training programmes.

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Service Aims

  • To provide a range of high quality support and accommodation options that enable our service users to achieve their full potential and to live as independently as possible.
  • To commit to person-centred, positive behaviour support approaches that promote service user choice, empowerment and autonomy.
  • To create opportunities for service users to engage in meaningful, valued and inclusive life-styles.
  • To develop skilled, ambitious staff teams who aspire to deliver services that respect all our service users rights – not least the right to an ‘ordinary life’.

Policies & Procedures

Cartref Homes believe policies and procedures must be service user centred, contemporary and dynamic. Consequently all policies and procedures are subject to continuing review, negotiation and development. Increasingly service users are involved in these processes – recruitment and selection procedures rely heavily on service user input.

Whiteleaf_1Quality Assurance

Cartref Homes’ 4 residential homes and the supported living scheme (as a domiciliary care service) are registered with and monitored by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Our inspection reports can be accessed on the CQC website (click on ‘Find an Inspection Report’).

All systems and practices are regularly audited by the Cartref Homes management team. We are also strongly committed to working in partnership with service users, their families and other agencies to maintain the high standards of our services.  (Please see our testimonials.)

Care Plans

The aim of our services is to advance our service users as speedily as possible towards greater independence and a valued presence in the community.

We achieve this through collaborative working with the service user and their wider support network including, where appropriate, family, other disciplines and agencies to develop a Person-Centred Care Plan (PCP), which reflects the service user’s strengths, needs and ambitions. We believe strongly in the value of the key-worker role to coordinate this approach and to deliver the personalised contact and support that keeps the service user engaged and informed and the PCP up-to-date and relevant.

We have also worked extremely hard to develop close links with local schools, colleges, employers and vocational training schemes.  Together with our in-house programmes of skills teaching and vocational activity we believe our service users benefit from a comprehensive developmental approach that gives them every chance to succeed in their ambitions.About us Door -packedsuitcases